Simplify Healthcare With Two Simple Actions

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law in March of 2010. Fortunately, Section 1301(a)(3) allows direct primary care medical homes to operate in the state-based insurance exchanges beginning in 2014. Now more Americans will be able to elect direct primary care!

What Can I Do To Support This Type of Care?

If you are a provider or a concerned citizen you can join the Direct Primary Care Coalition. Signing up is as easy as providing an email address. Then you can stay on top of everything important happening in Congress that pertains to direct primary care.

You can also write to your Representatives in Congress. Follow the link for a helpful text block that you cut and paste into the body of an email (unfortunately, the site isn’t currently compatible with all browsers). You will need to find the email contact for your representative, too. This site can help you find your Representative. Once you have the email address and text body, add a subject line like: PLEASE SUPPORT DIRECT MEDICAL CARE. Then send your email and feel good about making your voice heard.

Again, direct medical care is truly a bipartisan solution offering benefits to all stakeholders: insurance companies, doctors and patients. It should only benefit politicians to help these three groups, regardless of their political affiliation. Please, let them know that insurance-free healthcare matters to you.