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March 23, 2017

Feature Review: Creating a New Pricing Tier

In, you can set specific pricing tiers so that your patients’ subscription automatically updates as they grow older. It’s one less thing you have to keep track of. And more free time for you to spend with patients. Or do research. Or plan dinner. Or golf. Or whatever. Learn (or remind yourself!) how to set up a new pricing in this video. Bookmark the corresponding support article if you feel like it, too.

Posted by: AtlasMD

October 12, 2016

Feature Review: Two-Step Authentication

Security is more important than ever, right? Atlas takes it incredibly seriously, and you should know your options for keeping your account protected. For example, two-step authentication is a great way to go that extra mile. This video talks about why two-step authentication is a good option for increased security, and how to enable it in your account.

What’s New in Announcing Video Calls!


See It Like You Mean It.

We’ve been thinking a lot about accessibility lately. It’s a really big part of Direct Care: you want to be available for your patients when they need you… and how they need you. already lets you communicate via email, phone, text, and Twitter DM. All great options. But we went bigger. Clearer. Announcing video calls!

That’s not all we have up our sleeve this time, though. We’re also introducing a directory of contacts, fully flexible office hours set up, intuitive automated emails to patients about expiring credit cards and more. Let’s go!

VideoCallOutbound Video Calls

Now when your patient cuts her hand 3 hours away from home, you can get a great visual (literally) before telling her to hightail it to the nearest ER, or walking her through how to take care of it herself. Now that’s service. Get all the juicy details on making outbound video calls over here.

 Performance-Oriented Tweaks to Prescriptions

You know how we’re always working to improve the performance of Atlas? We targeted an area of improvement we think you’ll be happy about. Sure, it’s a behind-the-scenes update, but one you’ll definitely notice. We re-engineered the drug database search so you can prescribe faster and get instantaneous results for any drugs you need!

Directory of Contacts

Keeping your team’s third party contact information in one place makes sense, right? We thought so, too. Store them in, be a stronger team because of it. Psst. You’ll probably find this pretty helpful when faxing, too! Learn more.

Flexible Office Hours per UserFlexible-Hours (1)

Each user can set their own office hours. So now you have complete control over which phone number Atlas forwards calls to while you’re away. Learn about the change here.

Smarter Inventory SKU Input

Heads up! That’s what Atlas will be saying when you enter a non-NDC item with a SKU that’s already in your inventory. In the form of a friendly notice about which other items are in your stock with that same SKU, we’ll help you easily review (and avoid!) mistakes made by conflicting SKUs.

Set Auto-Charge Date When Adding Patients

Now when you manually add a patient, you can select the exact date you’d like to charge them each month. Boom. It’s that easy.

NotificationsAutomated CC Expiration Notifications to Patients

If Atlas notices a patient’s payment information is about to expire, or there might be an issue with their payment method for the next billing cycle, we’ll send a friendly reminder to them so they can investigate. Find out what’s in the email here.

Fitness/Vitals Custom Date Ranges

Now you can view reports based on a custom time range you select. Details, details, details!

Multiple Daily Entries for Vitals and Stats

Have a blood pressure re-reading you need to enter for a patient? No problem, now you can add multiple entries per day. Get the details here.

What’s New in


A few new buttons go a long, long way in the latest feature release. Now you can do things like run a full report of earnings per doctor, export your inventory to CSV, and send shipping tracking information to your patients via email or SMS. We’d say the EMR just got a whole lot cooler, wouldn’t you?

Billing Report: View Charges by Type and Per Physician
Now when you’re pulling your monthly reports, you’ll have another helpful metric to analyze. The newest feature is the “Earnings per Doctor” report in Billing Reports, which does exactly what it says. This detailed report will break down each doctor in the clinic’s earnings into the following categories: subscriptions, labs, prescriptions, misc, shipping and total earnings. Just one more way to help you understand your clinic a little better. Read more about billing reports over here.

Inventory: Export to CSV Button
We know each clinic works differently, which is why we’re giving you more flexibility when it comes to managing your inventory. With this new Export to CSV feature, you can export your inventory as a CSV to be easily read by Excel or any other spreadsheet application. Here’s how. Read more EMR — Tutorial Video — Calendar

Drs. Josh and Doug demonstrate the Calendar feature of Set appointments and reminders, and sync them with your devices.


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Want to try EMR? Sign up for free at EMR — Tutorial Video — Tasks

Drs. Josh and Doug demonstrate the Task feature of You can create tasks, set due dates, add notes and more. Return to Tasks to check current action items and mark items as complete. Also, can assign tasks to specific patients; that way, when you view a patient profile you can quickly check if there are outstanding items related to them.


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Want to try EMR? Sign up for free at EMR — Tutorial Video — Doctor Profile

Drs. Josh and Doug show you how to customize your doctor profile. Leave a default sign-off when sending Rx to pharmacies, sync your Twitter account, set up your phone services, upload a profile pic, and more.


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Want to try EMR? Sign up for free at EMR — Tutorial Video — Search

Drs. Josh and Doug teach you how to find what you need in The smart search lets you find patients, prescriptions, keywords, types of interactions, and more. And all of this can be done across the app, or within a specific doctor or patient file.


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Want to try EMR? Sign up for free at EMR — Tutorial Video — Clinic Features / Sidebar

Drs. Josh and Doug walk you through the themes of EMR. On the left you’ll first see icons that let you quickly access common features like dashboard, inbox, tasks and more. The sidebar’s icons change, though, as you move through different themes: Accounts, Patients, Prescriptions, etc.


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Want to try EMR? Sign up for free at EMR — Tutorial Video — Dashboard

Drs. Josh and Doug show off the dashboard. where you can access all of the app features. The modules are customizable so you can quickly access the features that are most important to your practice.


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