Technology Will Drive Concierge Medicine

Angela Dunn cited Dr. Josh and AtlasMD’s affordability in yesterday’s post on HL7 (Health) Standards’ blog. It’s the first in a two-part piece called “Technology Driving New Models for Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care.”

Check out her summary of concierge medicine’s key benefits. It’s an effective case for doctors who want to practice grassroots primary care. She sums up the movement saying that it aims to “minimize the need for insurance, except for emergency and catastrophic care, and… eliminate or minimize the high administrative costs for a practice.”

Waste not, want not. That’s the gist. Patients win by not wasting money on ridiculous premium. Doctors win by not wasting time dealing with endless insurance minutia. However, she didin’t mention how insurance can win by not having to pay for longterm health problems that could be avoided with superior medical attention. And this superior attention is what truly defines concierge medicine.

Angela includes an interview with Travis Good, MD, founder of The talk clocks in at over 20 minutes covering his lengthy experience with emerging healthcare technology. A few minutes in he admits that meeting HIPAA standards with EMR apps is a major hurdle.

There’s the lynchpin in the concierge medicine movement: insurance-free medicine doesn’t need to deal with HIPAA. All concierge medicine needs is a game-changing app that can streamline the work process, and bring more doctors over to its side.

Look for Part Two of “Technology Driving New Models for Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care” at on Monday, April 22. Dr. Josh will be featured more in-depth.

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