What’s going on at Atlas?

If you’re a patient, or a friend, welcome. If you’re a fellow doctor, or a participant in a related medical field, welcome too. We’ve made all kinds of friends in our short time since launching Atlas. 

First, to our valued patients, and friends: You’ve supported us since we launched. You’ve been one of what are now 1,000+ patients who call Atlas home. You’re not the only reason Atlas exists, you are every reason Atlas exists. We are grateful that you’ve allowed us to provide unencumbered, honest-to-goodness healthcare. Thank you.

Atlas in Wichita is always going to be the birthplace of what we’re trying to do. Our first patients are the cornerstones of our goals. You proved that concierge medicine can work. But we want to make a bigger dent in the universe.

It may seem counterintuitive, but we want to teach more doctors in the country how to do what we have successfully done. It’s too good of a secret to keep. We want a whole lot more patients to have the freedom to choose insurance-free medicine. They deserve exceptional care and they deserve it at realistic prices. It’s a triple aim: doctors can spend more time doing what they love, patients save money, and as health improves insurance companies can actually make relatively higher profits (thanks to fewer claims and payouts). There’s a lot of “win” happening in concierge medicine.

You know Atlas is practicing medicine in a new way. And some of you may know that we’re doing it with a few new tools as well. After all, new methods mean new processes. If you give up on insurance in an industry that relies on it, you have to get creative.

Medical practice management software can cost a practice a large percentage of its annual income. There are free products on the market, but they sell patient data to the highest bidder to support their platform. Seriously, that’s creepy as hell.

From the beginning we decided to dump all the money we would have spent renting quality software from someone else into developing our own. We didn’t want to “hack” a traditional medical app into somewhat catering to our ecosystem. No, we wanted something couture.

For the last year, we’ve been developing our own incredible software to manage our practice. It does away with meaningful use, HIPAA, and all the other medical acronyms you know nothing about, but which are preventing you from getting the low cost and tailored care you deserve. We think it’s the light at the end of the tunnel, and you should be glad we have it. It empowers us to do what we do for you even better than we were already doing it.

Which brings us to you, the medical practitioners, doctors, and people in related fields who follow us.

Traditional logic would at best call you our peers, at worst, our competition. We’re not traditional, though. We call you friends, and we want to do everything we can to help you. We want to do everything we can to help your patients.

Each one of you represents a practice that might care for thousands of patients. If we can help you by teaching you what we have learned, we believe that it’s a moral obligation to do so.

From this day forward, the website that is the building block, and the core of Atlas will be located at www.atlas.md/wichita. The site that is dedicated to teaching and providing software to the doctors brave enough to break from the pack will be located at www.atlas.md.

We’re trying to start something new here. Something we’ve proven that can work. We’re making this up as we go—but we have a lot to tell you about how far we have come.

We invite everyone who has followed us up till now to follow Atlas in the way they feel fits their relationship. We have big goals, both locally, and nationally. Our range of topics will be quite broad, but we want to make sure our communication with you remains valuable. As we grow, feel free to tune in to the channel that fits you best. But make no doubt, the people, the message, and the goal are all the same. It’s just the volume that is being turned up.