Meet Scott Borden, the HSA Guy

hsa-guy-scott-bordenScott Borden is “a passionate Health Savings Account (HSA) expert [whose] background has been in health insurance marketing and management for 23 years” according to a recent interview with Mary Pat Whaley from

Borden’s company Direct Pay Consulting provides services like conversion planning and execution, patient insurance education, management of wait-listed patients and much more.

Here’s Scott’s breakdown on HSA-qualified High Deductible Health Plans:

“[HDHP] offer the catastrophic protection everyone needs at a significantly lower cost than low deductible co-pay health insurance plans. I call HSA-qualified plans ‘DPC-friendly’ since they are not allowed to have office visit co-pays which wouldn’t be accepted by a DPC physician anyway. This insurance premium & tax saving tool allows many middle-income patients to transition to a DPC practice without breaking their budget. HSAs make DPC affordable for (almost) anyone.”

That last line is huge. It’s a fear doctors have. Will anyone join me once I defect from the status quo insurance system? But if doctors can guide patients to a sensible insurance plan that benefits ALL parties (patients, doctors and insurance), then they’ve accomplished the triple aim. Look, we know you’re busy, everyone is. But we think it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with HSAs on the market. Your new concierge medicine patients are still going to need insurance, even if they aren’t using it for their primary care. We’re upset about how the Federal government and insurance companies treat actual patient care as an afterthought, but it’s equally crazy to think that people can horde enough cash to cover intensive procedures. That’s why you’ll want to help them find an affordable insurance plan that makes sense, so you can can get them enrolled in YOUR concierge medicine practice.

Yep, cat’s out of the bag. We’re behind Scott Borden. Head over to his blog HSA Guy. You can sign up for his emailing list to receive updates about his mission to make concierge medicine more possible.

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