Study Finds Rate Of New Primary Care Physicians Entering the Field to be “Abysmal”

An article from Breitbart said recently that “despite a shortage of U.S. primary care doctors, less than 25 percent of new doctors go into this field, and fewer still work in rural areas.” The lead study author Dr. Candice Chen, is an assistant research professor of the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services. According to her study, only 4.8 percent of the new primary care physicians set up shop in rural areas.

We haven’t been focusing on that issue over the past few months, but that will come into play as more doctors begin practicing concierge medicine. Will they prefer to set up shop in a city, where there are more patients, and more commercial and administrative factors at play? Or will they find it easier to treat smaller communities much like the rural docs of decades long gone?

For now, our focus is on patients demanding insurance-free medicine. But Rick Hamilton of West Virginia brings up another point worth reiterating in his recent cable news interview. He reminds viewers that the point of insurance-free medicine is to have a working relationship with an affordable primary care physician. When problems are identified early, patients can coordinate treatment from a specialist BEFORE things become costly and needlessly life-threatening. The goal here is to be proactive. Begging the question, why is our administration insistent upon making it more difficult through things like the ACA? Doctors can make exceptional wages, DOING quality work. And patients can live HEALTHIER lives by avoiding unnecessary complications. It’s a shame our system is in a fight against its own government. The victims being us as a population when doctors are dissuaded from entering the primary care workforce, due to obscene hours and diminishing pay.

Check out Hamilton’s brief interview below.

It’s refreshing to see someone speaking sense nowadays.

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