New Numbers Show Income and Satisfaction Increase After Doctors Ditch Insurance

New Numbers Show Income and Satisfaction Increase After Doctors Ditch Insurance

Concierge Medicine Today has released new data summarizing concierge medicine physician salaries. The data is based on surveys, polling analysis and verbal responses received from concierge doctors across the U.S. from 2009-2012. We’ve included the highlights:

  • The top 4 most popular specialties in concierge medicine are: primary care; family medicine; cardiology and pediatrics.
  • Almost half of concierge doctors (approximately 48%) earn between $200,000 – $400,000 per year.
  • Four states with a significant amount of concierge doctors include Florida, California, Pennsylvania and Virginia. (These states have a significant number of people (most age 50+) who are seeking out concierge and direct primary care doctors.)
  • The typical age of concierge doctor is between 40-59 years of age.
  • Most concierge doctors and direct primary care physicians treat six to eight patients per day.
  • Female concierge doctors fill up their concierge practices 30% faster than men.

Here are some additional numbers* worth highlighting:

  • 62% of concierge physicians reported an increase in income.
  • 25% of concierge physicians reported income remained the same.
  • 13% of concierge physicians reported a decrease in income.

Again, it looks bad on paper to see the 13% of doctors who lost income after switching to insurance-free medicine. But keep in mind, this doesn’t account for abstract benefits like reasonable hours, less paperwork and more satisfaction from helping patients.

And, finally, this is a powerful figure:

  • 82% of concierge doctors in the U.S. would make the same decision to enter concierge medicine.

It’s good to see the numbers match up with what we’ve been saying. Serving patients is more satisfying and more profitable after you cut the red tape.

* 2013 Concierge Medicine Physician Compensation Data