Rising Operating Costs Top List of Medical Practice Concerns

Rising Operating Costs Top List of Medical Practice Concerns

According to 1,067 medical practice executives, the most difficult daily challenge of running a medical office is dealing with rising operating costs. So says finding from a survey conducted by the MGMA-ACMPE (formerly the Medical Group Management Association-American College of Medical Practice Executives).

The AAFP took note of the results and compared this year’s and last year’s results. This concern jumped from number four to number one. So why’d that happen? There’s pressure to compete with hospitals and provide more services (which we know is promoted by insurers who systematically skip out on issuing payments). These services cost space, equipment, training, and time. It’s a matter of staying in business, and it looks like the underdogs are feeling the heat to compete with bigger organizations.

As David Gans, M.S.H.A, an MGMA-ACMPE senior fellow in industry affairs says, “The doctor only has so many hours in a day.” At least members of the community are speaking up. Sure, it’s nice to think, oh it’s just in our heads. But the numbers are there to back the concern. The implementation of healthcare isn’t only failing, but also the incentive to bring new minds, new innovations into it. Altruism is fundamentally human, but altruism won’t pull the amount of human resource our country needs to supplant the doctor shortage. Something we’re equally aware of.

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