Is Chris Dorster Allergic To Red Tape?

Yes, New York resident Chris Dorster suffers from occasional allergies, so he’s been known to sneeze a bit. However, there’s more than just pollen to sneeze at in his blog post. That’s because Chris currently doesn’t have prescription medication coverage. When his allergies flared up recently, he went in to see his doctor. There he was given a sample of a medication. The brand name nasal spray did the trick.

But the plot thickened. When Chris ran out of his sample he figured he’d pay cash for another tiny bottle of nasal spray. It can’t cost that much, he thought, maybe forty dollars?

But no, it cost that much and then some. One hundred sixty five dollars ($165) to be exact. He asked the pharmacist for a generic and there wasn’t one available. He could settle on a cheaper substitute. However, that wasn’t the medicine he’d been using effectively.

So what did Chris do? Well, first he evangelized Atlas MD! And then he called us up and asked if we could get his medication, and at what price. Turns out we do dispense Chris’ allergy medication — AT A FRACTION OF THE COST.


Do you have any stories of obscene out-of-pocket medication prices? If so, send them our way. We have a feeling Chris Dorster is not the only person who A) lacks prescription coverage in their insurance plan and B) could benefit from an Atlas MD-style direct care facility.

Which reminds us, the only way for patients (and supporters) like Chris Dorster to overcome these absurd prescription prices is for docs to take the entrepreneurial leap, and open direct care clinics nationwide. We’ve launched our EMR to make running a facility lean and efficient. And we’re offering our business insight at no charge (read: FREE CONSULTATION).

Is there anything else you can do to help? Yes, there is. Join Chris Dorster in making direct care part of our everyday vernacular. One of the most interesting reminders of Dorster’s tale was that no one in the pharmacy had heard of direct care or Atlas MD. And that’s after we were invited (again) to one of the nation’s leading conservative radio programs.

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