Michigan’s Reaction To Obamacare? Direct Primary Care.

We mentioned a while back that Michigan took precautionary measures in light of Obamacare. You can read “The Return of Direct Primary Care” on Sen. Patrick Colbeck’s personal website. He outlines the state’s legislation, SB 459 and 460, which underscore the key values of direct care. Colbeck also explains why his state is not blindly adopting the Medicaid Expansion component of Obamacare.

He’s landed some powerful punches with his rhetoric. If any of them ring true with you, tweet them to your followers. If there’s one thing we know about politics, the squeaky wheel gets the oil — and if there’s no oil, that’s because the government shut down.

Jokes aside, we’re staunch supporters of Colbeck’s vision of prioritizing direct primary care, reducing insurance dependency, and re-establishing the patient-doctor relationship.

“[Insurance] coverage does not equate to quality care.” – @pjcolbeck [CLICK TO TWEET]

“Anytime a budget increases by over $1.5B, it is difficult to make the claim that we are ‘saving money’.” – @pjcolbeck [CLICK TO TWEET]

This one isn’t made for Tweeting (trust us, we tried!). An amazing quote nonetheless.

“Substituting uncompensated care for undercompensated care in hospitals by expanding Medicaid eligibility is akin to saying “I know we are losing money on every transaction, but we are making it up on volume.”


And here are some more highlights from Sen. Colbeck’s missive.

“[Without] bureaucracy, doctors can provide… high quality primary care… for less than your monthly cable… bill.” – @pjcolbeck [CLICK TO TWEET]

“[Direct care] provide[s]… services independent of whether you have a pre-existing condition or not.” – @pjcolbeck [CLICK TO TWEET]

“For… years, insurance was all about ‘risk’ management. [But]… insurance has morphed into ‘benefit’ management.” – @pjcolbeck [CLICK TO TWEET]

“[Gap] insurance against invoking a $5,000 deductible can be obtained for as little as $35/month.” – @pjcolbeck [CLICK TO TWEET]

“Direct Primary Care Services + High-Deductible Health Plan + Health Savings Account = Patient-Centered Care.” – @pjcolbeck [CLICK TO TWEET]

Colbeck finishes his plea to Michigan for SB 459 and 460 with a resounding plea, for leadership:

“Despite Government bureaucracy that continues to stunt its growth, this healthcare delivery model is growing in pockets throughout our state and our nation. Michigan has the opportunity to be at the center of a “free market revolution in healthcare” according to Avik Roy, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute of Policy Research. Whether or not Michigan adopts this model, other states will be doing so.

“We have a simple choice. Do we want to lead or follow? If we lead, we have the opportunity not only to provide more effective healthcare for our citizens, but we also have the opportunity to promote job growth in our state by removing one the most significant hiring barriers for employers – high healthcare costs. I believe it is time to lead.”

Direct care is a germinating, grassroots movement. Now’s the time for leaders to stand out, make themselves known. So share the Senator’s words, and speak to doctors and patients in your community. The more who know, the better.