STREAM: Atlas MD on The Sean Hannity Show

In case you missed it, we were invited back as guests on The Sean Hannity Show last Friday. We’re honored to be recognized as a solution to an overwhelming healthcare debacle. Afterwards, we were flooded with emails from people interested in learning more about our model and where they can find a direct care clinic in their own community.

As we mentioned on the program, you can visit to express your interest in joining a direct care clinic, or, if you’re a direct care doctor, where your clinic is located. And wouldn’t you know, the map’s filling up fast! We think this disproves a direct care criticism, that healthy people subscribing to a direct clinic is like paying for an unused gym membership. We’re wondering, where do these arguments originate? Our patients constantly praise the services we provide and our accessibility. And the question we keep hearing from people who first come across our business is, Where can I find my own direct care doctor? We’re hoping that within the next few years, patients can find direct care almost anywhere. Really, it’s up to the doctors to meet the demand and interest that’s growing as we speak.

As always, thanks to everyone who tuned in to The Sean Hannity Show on Friday, and to those who spread the word on social media. It may not seem like much, but every patient who demands affordable primary care makes direct care more viable for the doctors who want to provide it.