Want to Help Direct Care? Share this Video.

* Our apologies, if the video fails to load you can watch it on FoxNews.com

In case you missed it, Dr. Josh was invited to speak on Fox News’ Your World. It makes a great companion to Doug’s appearance on Huckabee earlier this year.

It’s challenging to get your message across in one TV segment. However, this is a great place to start spreading the idea of direct care. Friends, family, colleagues, etc. are most likely frustrated with the current way they are receiving or administering healthcare, whether it be the pressure of paying monthly premiums, frustrations with finding docs within their network, the inevitable waits that are attached to any interaction, or traditional docs creating 3 minutes of admin work for every minute they treat patients.

If you think someone could benefit from direct care (patient or doctor) tweet this video. If they have questions, be prepared to address them.

Here are a few points that weren’t directly addressed in the video:

  • The wrap around insurance plan does have a high deductible (between $2,000 and $5,000). However, they are much more affordable than a full coverage PPO like the one you use when you get prescriptions, see a family doctor, go to urgent care, etc.
  • Using this monthly premium savings, patients can afford an Atlas MD style subscription. This lets patients see us an unlimited number of times. It’s like having a free pass for a yearly physical and any ailments that arise throughout the year. On top of that, we can save on prescriptions: up to 95%. Check out a list of prices and see the difference yourself.
  • The power of direct care is that we, the doctors, become negotiators for the patient. If they’re wondering why they save, it’s simple: we enable direct transactions. No one likes having to jump through a hoop to get paid. And because that’s the norm, there’s added value in getting paid up front. Things like MRIs can be booked for a little over $300 bucks. Now, in certain cases that might be more than an insured person’s copay, if they’ve met their deductible. But do you see the real problem? No one EXPECTS to need an MRI. Meaning in most cases, a deductible has yet to be made.
  • The main idea behind direct care is to make the expected medical costs reasonable, and insure yourself for emergencies. It’s a lot like how we’ve learned to drive our cars — you pump gas, change your oil and get tune-ups; if someone broadsides you, an insurance company steps in and sorts everything out.