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November 26, 2013

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Four In Ten Americans Are Clueless About Obamacare

You’ll have to read more about this disappointing survey yourself. It actually caused us physical pain to write that blog title. Mostly since that 40% obviously isn’t following our quest to cut red tape. Oh, and these results came only one day¬†after a Gallup poll¬†found that Americans respond more favorably to the name Affordable Care Act than Obamacare.

Obviously we’re fans of business and business depends on advertising to earn customers. We get that. But the idea that our government and media have turned this giant, singular fiasco into two separately perceived entities is troubling. Again, it’s a confusion that’s doing nothing to provide healthcare to anyone. Effectively it’s like spinning your wheels and saying, “Look how far we’ve gone.” And really we haven’t gone anywhere. We’re still waiting to hear stories about the great healthcare that’s going to magically manifest itself.

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