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November 8, 2013

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Insurers Are Hiding ACA Benefits From Customers, Like You Do…

We found an article coming at the Obamacare fiasco from the opposite direction. If you have a minute, it’s worth a read. However, we’d like to add a caveat to the piece.

First off, the story they highlighted is a bummer—Donna receiving a letter canceling her current insurance plan and offering a new plan in its place; Donna winding up with a premium that was over $1,000 per month higher than what was offered through the health exchange; Donna being mislead by her insurance company…

However, we’re still of the opinion that both sides of the media are spinning Obamacare and COMPLETELY missing the point. The point should be healthcare–which is totally separate from insurance. Somehow we forget that every time we get sucked into the Obamacare wormhole. So take this as our George Karlin or Bill Hicks moment. Sure, it’s nice to know that big government has taken a moral issue against shoddy insurance policies. But it’s worrisome to see the free market manipulated. Kind of reminds us of Ben Franklin’s saying: “Those who would trade liberty for security, deserve neither.” We’d rephrase it something like this: “Those who’d trade the free market for security, deserve neither.”

Surely, we’re idealistic. But our fight is a fight for price transparency. The demand for transparency is the only way that people like Donna don’t get fed misinformation. It’s misinformation that’s putting money in people’s pockets, when they’ve done nothing to improve a person’s health.


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