Half Of Uninsured Plan To Go Without Coverage Past ACA Enrollment Deadline

The March 31 deadline to enroll in health insurance is coming! Half of uninsured people want to remain uninsured, according to a poll released today by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Are you one of those people? Then we recommend pledging support for direct care.

The poll surveyed 1,500 adults and found:

  • 50 percent of those under the age of 65 who are currently uninsured plan to remain without insurance.
  • 40 percent aim to sign up before the impending deadline.
  • 10 percent said they were not sure what they will do regarding healthcare enrollment.

Only four in 10 of the uninsured knew of the deadline to sign up for coverage.

Get this! A third of the uninsured didn’t even realize they had to pay a financial penalty if they missed the deadline.

According to the poll, using direct outreach to get people to enroll had little effect: Only 11 percent of uninsured people said they had been contacted about healthcare law by phone, email, text message or a home visit.

The new healthcare law continues to be dismissed by a staggering amount of people, according to a February Kaiser Family Foundation poll. Forty-six percent of people said they disliked the law outright.

And a majority of the public–53 percent–are tired of hearing about the woes of healthcare law. Same here! We want to care for our patients and do so affordably. As practitioners though we’re faced with the imminent law on a daily basis. We have every reason to be woeful.

We have every reason to be woeful of people who don’t realize they’re being ushered into a scam. When they get taxed for having no insurance, for doing nothing, that worries us. Are they aware of affordable, wrap-around options? The shame of American healthcare is the collusion and the lack of market principles. People don’t know what anything costs, people don’t know what’s on the market, and as a result people wind up paying for nothing.

Although, in the case of Drudge, he calls it a Liberty Tax.