What Happens When Google And Direct Care Team Up? Patients Get Live Video Appointments.

MedLion Management, Inc. announced today that they will be using Helpouts by Google to offer telelmedicine services to its patients. This is the type of innovation we expect from a national leader in the movement to improve Direct Primary Care. Great job, MedLion.

“MedLion was chosen because of its multi-state presence and its stellar reputation in the rapidly emerging industry of Direct Primary Care,” says Dr. Samir Qamar, founder and CEO of the Las Vegas-based company. “MedLion has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two years, and this exciting new venture is a natural step in the way patients can be cared for in our always-evolving, technologically-driven world. We are honored to work with Google.”

“Real help from real people in real time…” That’s the power that Helpouts will give doctors. Now patients will be able to connect to experts via online chat sessions. They’ll get real-time advice on multiple subjects.

MedLion patients will soon be able to access “face-to-face” appointments with their doctors online via smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. MedLion says it is starting the project in its home city of Las Vegas before rolling out the service to its patients nationwide. The service will be free for businesses and individuals signed up with MedLion.

MedLion, founded in 2009, has a presence in nine states and by year’s end plans to double its presence nationally.

The company grew from the same place that Atlas MD did: there is a serious lack of high-quality, affordable healthcare within local communities. But that’s changing. Companies like us, like Dr. Neu, like Drs. Izbicki are restoring family medicine, making our patients our priority, and saving their health and saving them money. MedLion offers comprehensive primary care for a low monthly premium and directly contracts with employers and individuals, minimizing the majority of healthcare costs. (Or as we say, cutting the red tape!)

Dr. Qamar said that MedLion is currently investing heavily in telemedicine projects. Supposedly, the company is making a major announcement regarding disruptive and revolutionary telemedicine technology within the year. (We hope we get to hear about it first!)

“MedLion’s purpose is to not only help Americans and businesses large and small gain affordable access to primary medical care, but also to return the joy of practicing medicine to physicians,” says Dr. Qamar. “I believe that our sessions on Helpouts will enhance our relationship with patients, allowing for easier and more effective consultation and treatment. It’s about optimizing the patient experience, as well as the doctor experience via technology.”

We’re thrilled to see this type of versatility and ingenuity in primary care. This is free market enterprise merging with healthcare and creating new possibilities. Keep it up, Dr. Qamar!