Why Do Great Leaders Inspire Action? They Share A Compelling “Why”.

Direct Care docs, current and aspiring, do you have a few minutes?

Then check out this TED Talk by Simon Sinek. He shares his insight on how great leaders — from Jobs to MLK, Jr. — inspire action in their supporters.

What’s beautiful about Direct Care is that our movement is actually a collection of small movements. It’s not about one figure on a podium proselytizing about the revolution of healthcare.

In fact, such proselytizing serves to maintain the status quo.

Instead, we want YOU, to watch this video, and understand your role as a community leader. Your job as a Direct Care physician is to bridge the gap between any misunderstandings of Direct Care and the possibilties it opens up for your patients — time for actual visits, cost savings that can be applied to insurance that’s used in actual emergencies.

And as for why you want to practice Direct Care? It’s obvious, right. You want to practice the medicine you went to school for, not the hamster-wheel that you found yourself in — where bureaucrats decide what things costs, and when they can be done.

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