Coverage Does Not Equate To Savings — Bronze Plan’s High Deductible Leaves Family Out To Dry

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Recently, we received a call from someone who wanted to learn more about our model.

Turns out, their ACA Bronze Plan no longer covers their medications, meaning they now will pay $600/mo until they reach their $6800 deductible.

Assuming, ideally, that they have no other health problems (which we’re all hoping for) and given that 600 x 11 = $6600, they’ll be having a very Merry Christmas–their “insurance” will only partially cover their medication for December.

We’ve been able to offer substantial savings by selling generic prescriptions at cost, for no profit. Click below to see for yourself (each price is for a month’s supply).

Prilosec (for heartburn)
Walmart: ~ $225
Atlas MD generic: $1.50

Keppra (for seizures)
Walmart: ~ $400
Atlas MD generic: $4.00

Topamax (for migraines)
Walmart: ~ $130
Atlas MD generic: $2.00

Arava (for arthritis)
Walmart: ~ $1,000
Atlas MD generic: $10.00