Posted by: AtlasMD

July 15, 2014

Business Insider: This Company Saved A Lot of Money by Tracking their Employees with FitBits.

We caught wind of another way FitBit is benefiting more than the individual wearing it. In this case, it’s creating a different type of social community within the workplace, bringing transparency to these employees’ health habits, and oh, yeah – possibly even lowering their insurance premiums.

“One day soon, your company could hand you a fitness-tracking device as a gift.

The gift could have a sizeable payoff for the company. They could use it to track your fitness habits and, if you and your coworkers behave well, use that data to negotiate lower insurance premiums.

In fact, hot Valley startup Appirio did exactly that, reports Nancy Gohring at Citeworld. As part of a bigger corporate wellness program it calls CloudFit, Appirio handed out Fitbits to about 400 employees. And thanks to CloudFit, Appirio convinced its insurance company to lower its rates by 5%. That added up to a hefty $280,000.”


We’re especially glad we integrated FitBit into our DPC EMR, Just another way we’re closing the gap between our patients, and their health!