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October 13, 2014

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DPC JOURNAL: Swap Insurance for Direct Pay.

The Direct Primary Care Journal reported on a trend we’re thrilled to see – the furthering spread of Direct Care.

Rather than join the trend of independent doctors securing their financial future through mergers with large health systems, many are adopting a new business model that eliminates the need for third-party reimbursements: direct primary care.

The DPC Journal explains many of the reasons more and more docs are considering the transition from the traditional primary healthcare model: no more hassling with insurance, no more ridiculous regulations to adhere to, no pressure to shuffle patients in and out of the office at an alarming rate just to turn a profit… to name a few.

Those reasons are all well and good – but they’re added benefits to being able to truly put patients first. After all, that’s what we went to medical school for in the first place, right? If you operate under the premise that patients are your priority, the rest just falls into place.


The article also mentions, “…many direct-pay practices are lacking a digital tool to help them capture data and monitor their patient population’s health.” We know! That’s why we’ve worked so hard to develop an EMR made for Direct Care docs, by Direct Care docs. It’s a great tool custom created for the Direct Care practice; by catering to the Direct Care model, it integrates perfectly with all the special features Direct Care has to offer, like integrating patient communication (whether it be by email, Twitter, or phone) directly into the patient’s chart. It’s smart features allow you to … wait for it… focus on patients rather than hassle with paperwork.

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