Posted by: AtlasMD

November 5, 2014

Kevin.MD: Healthcare Has Failed at Customer Service

But according to Dr. Rusnak, a family medicine resident, that’s all about to change thanks to Direct Care and other business models like it.

“There are a few physicians ahead of the curve right now. They get it and fully understand that the industry is changing. You may call it the consumerization of health care. I call it paying attention to the entirety of a doctor’s appointment.”

One Medical Group is a Primary Care practice that offers patients who are willing to pay an additional $150 per month many of the same features you’ll find in the ever-growing Direct Care model. A relaxing atmosphere, appointments that last as long as the patient needs them to, and no wait times. Oh, and smiling staff members. 


Dr. Rusnak’s straight talk makes you wonder why patients ever considered this type of healthcare an “elitist model” to begin with. The perks far outweigh the burden of any additional costs. (We might remind you here that the cost of Direct Care often pays for itself many times over, a fact that makes quality healthcare suddenly very affordable.)

Let’s not forget the importance of cutting the middlemen (read: not accepting insurance), which is an additional feature that Direct Primary Care practices like Atlas MD provide. Our own Dr. Josh Umbehr talked to Dr. Rusnak about how he helps his patients reach a happy medium when it comes to the murky waters of health insurance.

“Dr. Umbehr counsels most of his patients on getting a high-deductible emergency plan to cover anything he might not be able to handle in his office. No more $1,100 ER bills for stitches (I’ve seen it happen to someone when I was in college).”

The healthcare model that is “shaking the nation” is on the rise, and Dr. Rusnak suggests everyone get ready.