Posted by: AtlasMD

December 22, 2014

Go Ahead, Say It Out Loud. “I Am Direct Care!”

#IAMDIRECTCARE1Whether you want direct care, or embody it, there’s a place on the web for you.

You probably remember the launch of, which was the beginning of a movement to put patients who wanted Direct Care in touch with docs who provided it. This site’s doing a lot of great things, including proving the demand for better quality healthcare around the country. It’s even grown to include insurance agents in its networking nature.

Now it’s time for the movement’s progression to make its debut on the web, which is why we’re so excited for the launch of With this largely socially-centered platform, supporters can show their support from a more individualized perspective. captures the stories people share on social media about their wonderful experiences with Direct Care. It also shows supporters of the Direct Care movement and explains the DPC concept in simple, easy-to-grasp terms.

Its goal is to be a sounding board for those wanting to show their support as well those who might be interested in Direct Care themselves. It’s fit for the likes of individuals, organizations, and insurance companies. With, people can support DPC out loud by sharing their stories or listing their business as a supporter. Alternatively, it’s a place to find out what people really think about the healthcare model that’s taking the country by storm. Spoiler Alert: the feedback is positive!

So, show it to those who haven’t heard of Direct Care as a way to introduce them to the model. Show it to those who are thinking about making a transition to Direct Care. Show it to those who love spreading the word using social media. And while you’re at it, make sure to get your organization listed on the “Who’s Involved?” page by filling out the form on the homepage.

You are Direct Care, and proud of it. Now you can show it, too.

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