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January 19, 2015

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Say No to Cookbook Medicine and Third Party Payments.

A recent Wall Street Journal article by Dr. Gerald Gianoli sheds light on many of the reasons why Direct Care is the logical choice for docs who want to get more out of medicine.

“In 2005, well before ObamaCare, my practice in Louisiana transitioned to one such alternative: Third-party-free. Rather than deal with the hassle of private insurers or government health-insurance providers like Medicare, physicians in our practice work for patients—and no one else. When patients have a problem, they come in for treatment, pay with cash, and are out the door hassle-free. No copays. No insurers. No government.

“These alternative practice models also come with enormous cost-savings potential for physicians and patients. When insurance billing isn’t involved, physicians can save an average of 40% in overhead administrative expenses, according to reporting in this newspaper, and these savings are passed down to patients in lower fees…”

Read the whole article on the Wall Street Journal here. Then when you have time, check out this video of him speaking on the issue.

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