Posted by: AtlasMD

November 6, 2015

Introducing Direct Career Placement on


You’re only as strong as the team surrounding you, right? Well in that case, let’s give you an advantage over all the rest! Introducing Direct Career Placement, where helps connect you with the DPC family that’s right for you. Because let’s face it – a brighter future is right around the corner with Direct Care. Who does Direct Career Placement apply to? So glad you asked.

Is your practice looking to add a team member?

That’s great, congratulations! You’re probably talking around, getting a feel for who’s interested. After all, choosing the right addition to your team is a decision not to be taken lightly. So why not choose from a pool of candidates who are already actively interested in Direct Care? They know what it’s about and want to join your team. They’re individuals who are qualified and can’t wait to start their career with you providing excellent patient care using the Direct Care model. Take advantage of existing DPC connections by submitting your practice information on – interested individuals will be able to contact you directly. You can reach out to listed individuals, too! (Bonus: when you submit your listing you’ll even receive a unique URL you can share via social media to get the word out even further.)

Are you an individual looking for a DPC family of your own?

Also fantastic! If you’re transitioning out of the traditional healthcare setting, or even transitioning out of residency, you might already know for sure Direct Care is perfect for you. (If this concept is new to you, get the skinny on all things Direct Care from our free DPC Curriculum.) Not interested in starting your own practice? That’s okay, too! Existing DPC practices are growing all around the country and looking for providers just like you. So hop on over to and see who’s hiring in your area. While you’re at it, submit your information so interested practices can contact you directly.

Timing has never been better.

There’s never been a better time to make Direct Care the next step in your career. Whether your next move is adding to your DPC family, or joining a family of your own, this is a lifestyle you won’t regret. You didn’t go to school to fill out paperwork, did you? We didn’t think so.