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February 24, 2016 Podcast 24 – What’s After Meaningful Use?


Direct Care continues to sweep the nation. Everywhere Direct Care is attempted in the right way is a smashing success! The interest from patients is definitely there – it just takes the proper implementation on the business end. Brand new clinics opening their doors across the country are proving it! Direct Care isn’t a niche anymore – it’s becoming a standard of care.

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Meaningful (less?) Use.
Dr’s Josh and Doug talk about their reservations about what will come next after Meaningful Use has gone by the wayside. They feel true innovation comes from the ground up and challenge Direct Care docs to be agents of change. Listen in as they discuss how to unleash organic ingenuity in your own community.

If You’re Gonna Do It, Do It The Right Way.
Every step forward we take benefits the next person. And of course, our goal is to propel the DPC movement forward in any way we can. But you don’t have to go around feeling in the dark. Atlas offers so very many resources! Including your very own personal Easy Button named Kirk Umbehr, a community forum, a career center, and a 12-part Direct Care Curriculum.

Beware of the Competition. 
Atlas aims to keep the DPC market pure. Dr’s Josh and Doug discuss what to watch out for in the competition. (Spoiler: certain membership requirements, mandatory third party intrusions, and plain old bad advice.)