Posted by: AtlasMD

March 28, 2017

Free Practice Management Consulting. Yup, We Do That.

You’re on an adventure. You might be just starting out. Or maybe you’re already into the woods. Your adventure is thrilling, satisfying, and a little bit scary.

The fun parts are fun. Really fun.

But do you ever wish you had a sounding board during the scary parts? Someone to help you weed through the tough stuff until it, too, becomes fun? Someone to bounce ideas off of to make sure you’re headed the right direction? Or get you unstuck from a problem you didn’t even know existed? Someone who knows how to help you reach your goal because they’ve helped other DPC practices do the very same thing?

It’s practice management consulting. It exists. It’s available to you. It’s free. Get all that?

It exists because we’ve done the leg work…and we’ve seen how helpful relying on the experience of those who have gone before you truly is.

It’s available to you because you’re passionate about Direct Care. We are, too.

It’s free because nobody on this end is interested in anything other than your success…and we don’t think you should have to pay for doing things right.

So, let’s talk about what practice management consulting really is, and what makes it so valuable to you. Aside from the fact that others charge hundreds of dollars for this information, and you’re getting it for free…

What’s Practice Management Consulting?

Practice management consulting is exactly what it sounds like – help managing your Direct Care practice. In every way, shape and form. You went to medical school and now you’re running every aspect of a business. It makes perfect sense that you don’t know everything there is to know about everything! It also makes perfect sense that you’ll need or want some help along the way. So whether it’s the accounting part you’re struggling with, or the marketing and sales part, or maybe the HR part, practice management consulting addresses even the smallest aspects of all of it.

Obviously not everyone needs the same type of help because not everyone is in the same stage of their practice. Some of you who are just starting out might have questions on getting your location nailed down. Or wondering how to go about getting a website set up. Or curious about how many staff members you’ll need.

Others of you might already have a location and staff, and now you’re working on building your patient panel. You’ll probably have questions on the best way to market your services without feeling like a used car salesman. Should you do print advertising? Radio? Online ads? Town hall meetings? All of it? None of it? 

Still others of you have been running a successful Direct Care practice for years. Your patient panel has reached capacity — it’s time to bring on another doc! Since you’ve never hired anyone before, you’ll likely have questions about how all that works. Or maybe you’ve recognized the need for a second (third?!) location and want some guidance so you don’t waste your time feeling around in the dark.

There’s another group of people who really benefit from practice management consulting, too, and it revolves around the technology you use every day. If you’re transitioning to the EMR from another, or just getting started fresh with Atlas, it can be really helpful to have someone walk you through what’s possible. Atlas was built for Direct Care docs by Direct Care docs, so it’s tailored to your Direct Care workflow. See a theme here?

Why Walk Around in the Dark if You Don’t Have to?

Sure, you could figure it all out on your own if you really wanted to. You’re smart, we get that. But what makes you wise is knowing you don’t have to do it all on your own. Whether you truly need the help, or simply recognize the value in leaning on the good advice of experts, you have a partner in all this. We’ll meet you where you are in your adventure. (Wipe those tears away. There’s no crying in Direct Care.)

So, How Does it All Work?

All you have to do is send an email to and, you guessed it, Kirk will be at your service. He’s your guy. He has a background in hospitality so not only is he incredibly nice himself, but he’s hard wired for the way Direct Care works. He can help you implement time tested and proven processes that truly put your patients first, just the way it should be.

You can call, email, video chat — whatever works for you. You can inquire as often as you need to. There’s no limit to your success, so there’s no limit to the resources that will get you there.

No matter what stage your practice is in. No matter how small or big your question. You’ll get quality answers you can go apply immediately. For free.