Posted by: AtlasMD

March 20, 2017

What Do You Love Most About Direct Care?

It’s becoming a really well-known fact that DPC works. The business model is solid; booming practices around the country are proving it. Docs who were admittedly nervous about stepping out of their traditional shells to explore what Direct Care had to offer are now emphatically shouting it’s goodness from their rooftops. It’s easy to see why. There’s a lot to shout about.

But we’re curious what you love most. What’s the thing that still gets you up in the morning, excited to go to work? What do you think about even when you’re not at the office? When your friends ask how the practice is going, what do you gush about?

Is it…

The Freedom?

You keep a limited patient panel so you have plenty of time to spend with each person. None of that shuffling in and out of appointments in record time nonsense. You set your own hours. Your time is yours, with which to do what you want. You’ve literally been given the gift of time.

The Way You Can Truly Help People?

You know it’s true. You didn’t go to school to fill out paperwork. Now that you’re utilizing DPC’s framework, you have to do less paperwork than you ever thought possible. That’s because when you clear out all the distractions, red tape, bureaucratic rules and third party interference, you’re left with the only thing that really matters: your patients. You can help them the way you know how, the way you always thought you would. You can spend extra time helping them with their ailments, following up on their progress, and coming up with proactive ways to keep them healthy. You can truly build relationships with them!

All the Savings You Get to Dole Out?

Part of helping your patients is saving them money – making their healthcare honestly affordable. You don’t have to swipe their card for a copay at each visit. You offer diagnostic and procedural benefits at no extra cost. We’re talking things like EKG, breathing treatments, cryotherapy, laceration repair, the list goes on. You never tire of watching that smile spread across their face when you tell them the prescription they’ve been paying $50 for only cost $4 at wholesale… and then you throw on a coupon to top it off.

The Technology?

You get to chat with your patients all kinds of different ways: text, email, phone, video, you name it. How cool is it that you can be that accessible to your patients! Nevermind how long it took you to figure out how to video chat… the point is that you did!

The Opportunity for Growth?

You may have started out as a one (wo)man shop, but you’re beginning to see the demand for more… more room, more staff, and the patients are begging to put their names on your panel. Maybe you’re happy at your current size – that’s awesome. But if you ever do want to grow, at least you know that door’s open!

The Sense of Accomplishment?

You weren’t sure you could handle the business side of things, but you did! And you still are! If you’ve aligned yourself with Atlas, you’ve found yourself surrounded with the right tools, including people who truly want you to succeed. You went and started your very own practice. You’re helping people just like you thought you would when you enrolled in med school. Your quality of life is better than you ever imagined. You know you’re doing good.

So, what’s your favorite thing about Direct Care? Can you pick just one?