Posted by: Atlas MD

August 31, 2017

Marketing Your DPC Practice – How Everyone Else Does it.

Marketing Your DPC PracticeThe best marketing strategy is a good business model. It’s a value proposition. Think about it this way: it’s really easy to sell a great product, and it’s really difficult to sell a not-so-great product. Start from the beginning! DPC’s high-value proposition often looks like this: unlimited visits, no copay, free procedures, wholesale meds and labs, up to 95% off and cheaper insurance – that is a huge value proposition that you can sell – no matter what you do, your patients are going to be happier. You’ll find more foundational tips on marketing your DPC practice over in the marketing course of the DPC Curriculum.

You’re Better at This Than You Think. Honestly.

Even though the idea of telling the world all about the great things you have to offer might make your stomach churn, rest assured you already have the skills needed to sell and market your practice. (We wrote all about that over here.) Marketing and sales is largely about having a conversation. Talking to people and answering their questions. You already have the answers, and with knowledge comes confidence.

It’s Time to Walk the Walk.

So once you have that foundation laid, you can do some external marketing. That all sounds good in theory, right? If you’re curious about what that actually means, here are some ideas on places to start networking right in your own community.

  • Contact your chamber of commerce. See if they have any events lined up where you could make a guest appearance. Maybe say a few words, or hand out brochures.
  • Introduce yourself to your local pharmacy. It’s amazing what a handshake can do…
  • Get in on local business networking luncheons or breakfasts. Remember, your practice serves companies really well, so it’s important they know what you have to offer.
  • Write to your newspaper and offer to be a medical expert for a certain topic. The more people in your community see your name, the better.
  • Offer to contribute to other online channels as a medical expert. It’s a big world out there! Show off your ability to communicate on a larger scale.
  • Write a letter (PR) to local newspapers when you get a new piece of equipment. Reporters are always looking for a new story.
  • Take to social media! Have you tried out Twitter Ads yet? They have really specific targeting options that help put your ad in front of the most relevant audience possible. You know people love to share their opinions on Facebook, too! The more professional social media avenue, LinkedIn, is a great way to make connections with companies looking for the next solid business opportunity.

Get your feet wet. What works for one practice might not work the same way for another practice. But some combination of the tips here are what Direct Care practices around the country are seeing results from; you can, too.

Need More Advice?

In case you didn’t know, we offer FREE CONSULTING. So hit us up. Ask us all the questions, we’re happy to help. Professional advice, for FREE. Because we want to get the word out about Direct Care, just like you. Did we mention it’s FREE? As in, no cost. Alright, we’re done, you get the idea.