Improve Patient-Doctor Relationships With Shorter Emails

Improve Patient-Doctor Relationships With Shorter Emails

Life Hacker offers help for abbreviating those long emails that no one’s reading. You might be a master of the inbox, but if you’re finding yourself writing novels, take a look at the pointers below.

These tips apply to all professions, but concierge doctors have an added responsibility–you’re dealing with people’s health and wellbeing. Besides that, honing your communication skills will help you build better relationships with your patients. It sounds simple. But the patient-client relationship that’s possible in concierge medicine can lead to better diagnoses, and better health.

10 Reasons Your Emails Are Too Long

  1. You don’t know what you are trying to say. Send emails only when you have something specific to say or ask.
  2. Your signature is unnecessary. Lose your half-page signature for quick back and forth emails.
  3. You are writing a book. If you are putting massive bits of info in an email, stop and consider whether it should be in an attachment.
  4. You are spamming. It’s a fine line to establish, but be extra careful that your patients are responding well to emails about your children’s achievements or any personal updates. Consider a separate email list for outside interests, too. The priority is to not send emails that just get deleted.
  5. You are rambling. Be clear what you’re telling someone, what you are asking them and what you want the recipient to do after reading the email. Don’t jumble this up.
  6. You are forwarding a mess. This might not come up as often at a concierge practice, since communication is personalized. Still good to remember.
  7. It shouldn’t be an email. Your medical training will be vital here. Know what needs to be communicated with your voice, and make a call in this case.
  8. You don’t edit your emails. The bonus of concierge medicine is the time saved from insurance entanglements  Put this time to use and communicate more crisply.

Check out the complete article on writing better emails. And while you’re at it, feel free to take a minute to get to know Life Hacker. Obviously, you’re a medical expert, but Life Hacker is a great resource for any tech or social media questions you may have.