Rising Deductibles Make Concierge Medicine Look Even More Desirable

Doctors considering transitioning to a concierge business model, take note: deductibles are on the rise. Here are the grim findings from a study conducted by Athenehealth between 2009 and 2011:

Deductibles as a percentage of contracted rate have risen by 47% in the Northeast and by 20% in the rest of the country.

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Improve Patient-Doctor Relationships With Shorter Emails

Improve Patient-Doctor Relationships With Shorter Emails

Life Hacker offers help for abbreviating those long emails that no one’s reading. You might be a master of the inbox, but if you’re finding yourself writing novels, take a look at the pointers below.

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Encouraging Signs for Direct Primary Care in the U.S.

The Concierge Medicine Research Collective conducted a three year study and found some promising results.

Most encouraging was news that a third of the households seeing concierge doctors made less than $100,000/yr. An effective healthcare reform needs to be affordable to a majority of Americans. More practices opening up and better technology helping doctors to run their practices all serve to drive the cost of care down. Concierge doctors win. Patients win. Even insurance can win, by paying out fewer settlements. That’s the beauty of a free market.

The survey also suggested that concierge doctors have been able to make steady incomes while expanding their services to more Americans. You can check out the full press release here. It’s worth a glance.

Nicholas Genes says, “It’s just easier to insist on excellence before buying the product.”

Nicholas Genes is the ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Emergency Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital. He posted a great piece about the problems facing EMR adoption—government regulation, concerns about efficiency, etc.

He finishes on a high note: We’re savvy shoppers and we demand a good product before we buy it.

His thought makes a double entendre, though. Of course, doctors are savvy shoppers who want to buy a helpful software product. But it’s a savvy nation of healthcare shoppers who increase the demand for that software.

Yes, savvy shoppers are one free market win. But the second win will be concierge medicine operating tech-savvy, too.

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Nicholas Genes // Courtesy of thinkwritepublish.org

Nicholas Genes // Courtesy of thinkwritepublish.org

A Word on Bipartisanship

Your mother may have told you something like, Never talk about politics or religion at the dinner table. I know mine did and she was assuredly right. These topics are notoriously divisive.

AtlasMD is proud to be an industry leader in the thriving concierge medicine industry. We offer benefits such as more one-on-one time with patients and 24/7 house calls, all for the less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day. It’s easy to see why our business model has garnered support.

However, as Obamacare approaches, a wholesome conversation at the dinner table can quickly escalate into a political debate. Politics are part of life, of course, but I encourage my patients to remember what’s most important — our health and longevity.

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Look out! Josh Umbehr Is A “Top Doc” According To Concierge Medicine Today

Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) looks for physicians every year who have done great work in the industry and of course they found Dr. Josh!

Doctors can earn a “Top Doc” nod from a bunch of factors like improving patients’ lives directly, helping out in their community or State, using social media in exciting new ways, or doing anything genuinely impressive.

Fourteen doctors were selected in total this year from all across the continental U.S. According to CMT’s press release there were a ton of exceptional doctors to choose from. This comes in part because there are extraordinary practices opening up in markets like Kansas, Montana, Utah, Vermont and even Bismarck, North Dakota. And considering how rapidly the industry is growing, the recognition comes with even more prestige now.

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