Kansas Direct Medicine Gets an Obamacare Bypass

There’s nothing like waking up to some seriously good news! Last Friday, the Topeka Capital Journal said the Kansas House of Representatives “eventually passed a bill” that will permit the state’s health insurance market to sell stripped-down policies.

So what’s that mean? It means Kansas residents can purchase an insurance plan covering only high-cost events like emergency, trauma and unexpected operations. This will free up the ability to pay for general care out of pocket. And it motivates doctors to stay within and join the direct care business model. Happy patients and doctors can keep up their successful relationships without the government getting in the way. And more doctors can partake in direct care’s more enjoyable professional environment.

Advocates have long insisted that these stripped down policies would be more affordable than what’s currently available. Insurance companies will be able to sell competitively designed and priced plans that will wrap PERFECTLY around direct primary care. This should motivate more general practice physicians to participate in the concierge medical business model. This bodes well for the free market, creating incentive to provide better care, and potentially lowering costs for the state of Kansas.

AtlasMD believes competition should be our friend. Because it can create an environment that will bolster health care with three global benefits: lower overall cost to patients, more time for doctors to see patients, and fewer settlements for insurance companies. It’s such a relief to see that healthy spirit of competition happen outside of the state congress, where it can actually benefit our friends and family.

Check out The Topeka Capital Journal‘s full article here.