This Week in Concierge Medicine

Here are five thought-provoking posts on concierge medicine circulating the Web this week. Follow the links to read the complete articles.

Concierge Medicine Can Ease Escalating EHR Requirements
Wayne Lipton addresses growing concerns over new EMR guidelines and highlights some advantages of the concierge business model.

New Doctor in Town Offers Alternative to Traditional Fee Model: Concierge Medicine for the Masses
Dr. Samir Qamar see Las Vegas as the perfect market for concierge medicine. His model is slightly different than AtlasMD’s, with a subscription and a $10 fee per visit. However, he’s made it very attractive for employers who typically don’t offer insurance, like the billion-dollar service industry.

Will ACA be a Boon for Concierge Care?
Obamacare could mean that doctors won’t be able to see Medicare beneficiaries and offer a concierge-style medical practice.

Medicine at the Mall
The Economist looks into growing medical services offered at big box retailers like CVS. Of course, these portable clinics aren’t as all encompassing as concierge models like Atlas MD’s. However, healthy market competition might push direct primary care towards even more exceptional service.

Why Concierge Medicine Will Get Bigger
Market Watch (part of The Wall Street Journal) wrote up a great piece on the momentum concierge medicine is gaining. Look for their thoughts on the snobbery associated with the name, though. It’s a valid point that concierge conjures up images of a CEOs in velvet robes and slippers waiting to see a doctor. This could deter people who’d benefit from an affordable service.

If you’ve read anything interesting about the industry of late, go ahead and post a link in the comments.

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