Skeletons in the EMR Closet (Links)

Here’s a weekly round-up of articles pertaining the headache that is the state of EMR.

Most pain apps lack physician input
This quick read brings up a scary fact: over 30% of medical apps aren’t made with any input from doctors. While altruistic in nature, this just proves that not everything on the market is created equal.

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This Week in Concierge Medicine

Here are five thought-provoking posts on concierge medicine circulating the Web this week. Follow the links to read the complete articles.

Concierge Medicine Can Ease Escalating EHR Requirements
Wayne Lipton addresses growing concerns over new EMR guidelines and highlights some advantages of the concierge business model.

New Doctor in Town Offers Alternative to Traditional Fee Model: Concierge Medicine for the Masses
Dr. Samir Qamar see Las Vegas as the perfect market for concierge medicine. His model is slightly different than AtlasMD’s, with a subscription and a $10 fee per visit. However, he’s made it very attractive for employers who typically don’t offer insurance, like the billion-dollar service industry.

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