Breitbart Builds Massive Dialogue After Reporting on Dr. Doug’s CNN Money Feature

Breitbart Builds Massive Dialogue After Reporting on Dr. Doug’s CNN Money Feature

We told you about Dr. Doug’s CNN Money feature last week. Now, in a recent articleBreitbart quotes that “after five years of dealing with the red tape of health insurance companies and the high overhead for the staff [Dr. Doug] hired just to deal with paperwork, he switched to a system of charging his patients a monthly fee plus the price of an office visit or test.” We did want to point out that this line had a bit of an error. Dr. Doug charges extra for things like MRIs, prescriptions, blood panels, but NOT for office visits. But, regardless of the minor oversight, the article generated a massive conversation, with resounding support for concierge medicine.

One comment especially earned Dr. Doug’s sympathy. See below for AJMD’s story about finally hitting the wall after dealing with insurance companies.


Listen to his situation. Two hours doing minutia work just to NOT get paid by Anthem. There are many, many scatological comparisons we can make here. But we’ll save the gripe and instead remind everyone, is coming, soon. We are building a tool to help doctors practice concierge medicine more effectively. Hopefully this small step can lead to a marathon of support for a sensible, practical alternative.

One thing that’s going to help move doctors to direct primary care is a groundswell of patient demand. That’s why we built a tool to track the growing demand for concierge medicine. Share with your patients, and get them voice their frustrations. When patients and doctors unite in the face of insurance despotism, good things will happen.

However, there’s another problem we’re facing in the States, declining primary care physicians. One more reason to start taking concierge medicine seriously. If doctors can find patients, and make money, and avoid headaches, they will do so. This bodes well for the health of our nation’s future.

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2 thoughts on “Breitbart Builds Massive Dialogue After Reporting on Dr. Doug’s CNN Money Feature

  1. Samuel Richardson MD says:

    How do you decide how much to charge the patient per month?

    • admin says:

      Hi, Samuel Richardson MD.

      The amount we charge per month varies based on how time-intensive a patient is expected to be. Based on our experience in family care, and our desired income level, we figure how many patients to take on at a time. For instance, we charge $10/mo for ages 0-19, with one adult membership. That’s because children take less time than adults, on average. We charge $100/mo for patients over 65. It takes more frequent and longer visits to fully examine and make sure they are getting EVERYTHING they need to maintain exceptional health.

      In our case 600 adults gives a doctor a full roster, leaving them with enough time to see all patients without a rush, while also making a desirable income. However, that number fluctuates based on how many children or elderly clients.

      In short, we have determined what a family care’s hourly rate is, and then used data and experience to estimate how many hours we expect to spend with each patient type. From there we set a subscription price. Of course, this varies. 20% of our patients will take 80% of our time. But in the long run, everything averages out. We work decent hours, see our patients without a rush and without making them wait, and provide excpeptional care. Otherwise, we’d go out of business.

      You can view all of our prices here

      If you have more questions, send us an email

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