LISTEN: Dr. Doug Talks Commonsense Healthcare With Night Talker Radio Network

dougDr. Doug Nunamaker spoke to Michael David McGuire on his Night Talker Radio Network podcast. During the 30-minute interview Doug was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from the host. McGuire extoled our no-nonsense approach to healthcare, celebrated Kansas’ reputation for ingenuity, and had no qualms about asking Doug some personal questions about concierge medicine.


We’re grateful for opportunities like this to spread our message to an even wider audience and clear up the preconceived notion that direct care creates a two-tiered system. It’s the red tape that’s expensive, not the healthcare, Doug explains, and the way a greedy, entrenched system fixes it is with red adhesive sticking to more red tape. In our model, Doug’s able to charge a patient who used to pay $75/month for her medication alone now just $50 for unlimited visits, and a buck for her prescription. That means she’s SAVING $24/mo with her Atlas subscription.

Doug also had a chance to share our new campaign I Want Direct Care. McGuire thought it was brilliant that we’re trying to unite patients and doctors in a reasonable one-on-one relationship. And in doing so, motivate doctors who might consider early retirement or abandonment of the profession to join our movement—if only because the people demand it.