You CAN’T Beat Our Prices At AtlasMD

Seriously, you can’t beat our prices on panels, tests, procedures and prescriptions. Well you could, but we wouldn’t advise it. Keep in mind that AtlasMD’s subscription model might vary from yours. In our case, we’re charging monthly for a principle service that includes 24/7 access to an exclusive doctor, who sees no more than 500 patients. Phone calls, text messages, select procedures (abrasions, incision and draining and more), and more are all included.

From there we charge for prescriptions, tests and panels. But look at the difference between what you’ll pay in a traditional model. Even with insurance, it gets insane how expensive these items get. Take for instance a B-12 and Folate test. We can charge $12.00 a test, and still make money. Meanwhile, the market is charging $138.50 at retail. And that’s fine, we guess, if patients have met their deductible and have premium coverage. But if they’re still meeting their deductible, that’s a ton of cash to drop for one test. That might dissuade people from having the test performed at all.

And a final thought: most panels need to be done yearly, and some only in special cases like a pre-existing condition. Patients can subscribe to our model and have every panel and test done once, and add in a couple prescriptions with a pill a day and STILL PAY LESS THAN JUST THEIR PREMIUM ON A PPO. Now if patients had a wrap-around insurance plan or HSA that covered emergencies (yes, it would include a high deductible, unfortunately. This is similar to your car insurance where you have to pay the first $500-$1,000 even if the accident is someone else’s fault.), you might find that these low costs negate even having the high cost insurance plan to begin.

But what if patients are getting insurance coverage through an employer? Then that gets interesting. Concierge medicine is here. And we’re affordable. Wouldn’t it make sense for employers to start sending employees to us? They’re businesses after all. They’re trying as hard as everyone else to cut unnecessary expenses. And there are cases popping up where this is happening. But we believe it will take more doctors making the leap of faith, increasing the supply of the concierge service to tip the scales in our favor.

And yes, we made a big claim up at the top. But we’re proud to be transparent. Here’s a complete cost breakdown of our services, along with a retail comparison.

Atlas MD Order-Med Form (1)

Atlas MD Order-Med Form (1) 2

Pretty affordable, right? Transitioning doctors, keep this handy if you’re looking for incentives for patients to follow you to the “other side.” Everyone loves a good bargain.

11 thoughts on “You CAN’T Beat Our Prices At AtlasMD

  1. Stephen King says:

    So how do we sign up?

  2. John P. Cassidy says:

    Great concept.

    Are you aware of any doctors in Durango, Colorado with whom you have discussed your model?


  3. John Cassidy says:

    Great concept.

    Are you involved with any practices in Southwest Colorado (Durango, etc.)



  4. Susan Thrasher says:

    First of all, I want to say, Thank You! Particularly for people such as myself whose only concern is Prevention…at this point. And for eliminating the govt and insurance companies from our healthcare.

    Secondly, how can one find out where Atlas services are offered? Is it just Wichita?

    I learned about you from the I will also be notifying all friends and family so they can be on the lookout.

  5. Robert Askew says:

    Do you have any contact Doctors in Georgia?

  6. Capri Barlow says:

    This is a Godsend for so-o many people who are stuck in the “middle class”. We can’t afford insurance after all we have to pay out just to live on. We can’t afford good medical care, we can’t even afford bad medical care. It is so frustrating when I know that it is people like my husband and I that work to pay taxes to pay for those who chose to live on welfare and receive free medical care.
    I and so many others would love to be able to support a business like this. It sounds to good to be true.
    I have 2 questions, how will a business like this be affected by Obamacare? Also, do you know of a medical practice set up in this fashion in the Salt Lake City, UTAH area?
    I would think there would need to be a great many office set up like this in an area as large as Salt Lake City or it would be over run with patients.

  7. David Heskett DC says:

    Would this model work for smaller towns with only one Doc?

  8. David Heskett DC says:

    Would this model work for smaller towns with only one Doc ?

  9. Sarah Nelson says:

    My doctor’s conversation should not be a government controlled program. I am excited to find there are doctors who want to practice medicine as it should be. How do you access these doctors?

  10. Keith Von volkenburg says:

    What about X-rays, MRI, and emergency visits like a broken bones?

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