Posted by: AtlasMD

July 16, 2013

LISTEN: Atlas MD Launches Weekly Podcast

LISTEN: Atlas MD Launches Weekly Podcast

Dr. Josh and Dr. Doug have launched a weekly iTunes podcast where they’ll talk about their experience running a direct care practice, and offer advice to physicians looking to transition into the model. The Atlas MD podcast is hosted on iTunes, but you can also listen to the free episodes on your browser. New episodes will be released every week, covering the steady stream of questions that Dr. Josh is receiving. LISTEN TO ATLAS MD ON iTUNES

In the premiere episode, Drs. Josh and Doug explain why starting up a direct care practice is more viable than you would imagine. For one, having an EMR that’s capable of automating admin functions will reduce staffing needs. In Atlas MD’s case, they’ve worked days where it’s just three doctors in the office, with no hiccups. Granted, it won’t work forever, but It’s possible because the core job of the doctor becomes treating patients, instead of filling out paperwork, which we all agree is NOT the reason anyone goes to med school.

Feel free to email any questions to hello[at]atlas[dot]md. Atlas MD’s doctors are passionate about practicing direct care, and equally passionate about helping other doctors practice it, too. It’s highly likely the doctors will address your question in a future podcast.