LISTEN: Episode 2 of Atlas MD Podcast Now On iTunes

LISTEN: Episode 2 of Atlas MD Podcast Now On iTunes

Drs. Josh and Doug huddled up for a second taping of the Atlas MD podcast. You can stream it on iTunes. The duo took a moment to discuss HIPAA compliance, HSA spending and Meaningful Use in context with direct care, as well as our new EMR that’s launching next month. And the team announced phenomenal news: Michael Palomino has reached 150 patients in only a couple months, vastly exceeding the predicted 10 patients per month increase.

We couldn’t be happier to see how our movement is gaining traction both here in the office, and beyond. Turns out that a physician from Pennsylvania is coming by the office to observe our day-to-day. He wants to get a feel for how Atlas MD operates so he can incorporate it into his future direct care practice.

One more thing: if you have even the slightest interest in practicing direct care and/or using our web-based EMR,, please visit There you can fill out a brief form showing your interest in connecting with the Atlas MD LLC interface. Every doctor who takes a moment to do this will increase the efficiency of Quest Diagnostic lab processing that occurs through our EMR. Again, thank YOU for taking time out of your busy schedule to do so.

Make sure to listen to this week’s episode. And if you have any pressing questions that you’d like addressed during next week’s Atlas MD podcast, send it in an email to hello[at]atlas[dot]md. We’d love to hear from you.

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