Why Are Doctors Divorcing Their EMR?

folrb8zb22vh7mstm55jSo what’s driving dissatisfaction with EMR? While surveys document dissatisfaction among physicians, experts advise on the costs of doing so in a new article from Medical Economics. The statistics are sobering and have been validated by multiple surveys.

In the post, MGMA Healthcare Consulting Group’s Derek Kosiorek says, “This is an odd point in history, where we have asked physicians to take processes they have done their entire professional career and change them. We are taking the paper chart and every piece of information in that paper chart and we are shuffling it up like a deck of cards and putting it on a computer screen in different places.”

Nice job, Derek. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Check out the complete article below. The data’s eye-opening and writer Daniel R. Verdon includes sound advice for doctors looking to marry an EMR with their practice.

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“EHR divorce: What’s driving dissatisfaction?” | Medical Economics
Photo of Derek Kosiorek (@kosiorekcourtesy of Twitter