Imagine a World Where Docs Blog, “I LOVE MY EMR!”

Unfortunately, that world is imaginary, for the time being. We’re still in our beta launch of EMR, although we’ve already rolled out some helpful updates. For everyone who has signed up for our EMR, here’s what’s available in the newest version of the app.

New Patient Enrollment Form
Now the new Patient Enrollment form is online. This means your clinic won’t need to update anything other than what’s embedded on your site. Here’s what else we updated on the form:

  • It’s touch-friendly, so people can complete the form right on their iPads
  • The new “Open in Fullscreen” button allows patients to break out of the iFrame constraints (Trust us, patients will love how this feels!)
  • Patients can add photos during the enrollment process
  • We cleaned up the interface for adding family members to avoid any duplication and confusion

Print Notes And Patient Records
Now you can use the browser’s print functionality on any Patient Record and pull up a printer-friendly version. Just click the cog icon and hit “Print Complete Record” to print the full patient record. Also, in case you want to print any individual patient note, we added a new Print Note button so you can.

Never Lose A Data Entry EMR now quick-saves the contents of any entry in a patient record. That way, if you close the window by accident, the content can be easily retrieved. The quick-save is done per-patient, so there’s no way you’ll inadvertently move the content into an incorrect file. This also makes it easy for you to course correct if you wanted to add an Attachment but clicked the Add Note icon on accident.

New Billing Reports Section
Billing Reports is a new feature, accessible through the Billing tab. This prelim report lists all payments made to your clinic. You can also filter reports by different payment methods (cash, bank transfer, debit, credit, etc.) so it will be helpful in different scenarios. For now, there is only a preliminary report type, but this section will ultimately consolidate a variety of reports to capture a patient’s complete billing situation.

Send Long SMS Messages
Now you can send SMS messages longer than 160 characters without the messages splitting up.

Set Access Levels
There is a new access level for users which controls who can see global billing information. Only specific clinicians will be able to see their totals from the billing section. If the user is not granted global billing access, they can still access individual patient and company records, but they won’t see the clinics total billing statements.

Easily Update Your Patient Records
We fixed up the interface that lets you update a patient’s file. For example, when you pull up the modal window with action items (Notes, Attachments, Lab, Rx, etc.) and click to add a Note, but you actually wanted to add an Attachment, there is now a back arrow to help you quickly navigate where you want to go.

Use New Keyboard Shortcuts
Users now have access to multiple keyboard shortcuts. Just press the ? button on any page to see the full list of what’s available.

IE9 / IE10 / IE11 Compatibility
We’re this close to getting EMR to work 100% of the time on Internet Explorer. If you’re having any problems, send an email to

And that’s just what’s been updated in this latest version of EMR. Stay tuned for more improvements. And if you haven’t yet, sign up for your free beta trial.