What’s New in Atlas.md? Announcing Video Calls!


See It Like You Mean It.

We’ve been thinking a lot about accessibility lately. It’s a really big part of Direct Care: you want to be available for your patients when they need you… and how they need you. Atlas.md already lets you communicate via email, phone, text, and Twitter DM. All great options. But we went bigger. Clearer. Announcing video calls!

That’s not all we have up our sleeve this time, though. We’re also introducing a directory of contacts, fully flexible office hours set up, intuitive automated emails to patients about expiring credit cards and more. Let’s go!

VideoCallOutbound Video Calls

Now when your patient cuts her hand 3 hours away from home, you can get a great visual (literally) before telling her to hightail it to the nearest ER, or walking her through how to take care of it herself. Now that’s service. Get all the juicy details on making outbound video calls over here.

 Performance-Oriented Tweaks to Prescriptions

You know how we’re always working to improve the performance of Atlas? We targeted an area of improvement we think you’ll be happy about. Sure, it’s a behind-the-scenes update, but one you’ll definitely notice. We re-engineered the drug database search so you can prescribe faster and get instantaneous results for any drugs you need!

Directory of Contacts

Keeping your team’s third party contact information in one place makes sense, right? We thought so, too. Store them in Atlas.md, be a stronger team because of it. Psst. You’ll probably find this pretty helpful when faxing, too! Learn more.

Flexible Office Hours per UserFlexible-Hours (1)

Each user can set their own office hours. So now you have complete control over which phone number Atlas forwards calls to while you’re away. Learn about the change here.

Smarter Inventory SKU Input

Heads up! That’s what Atlas will be saying when you enter a non-NDC item with a SKU that’s already in your inventory. In the form of a friendly notice about which other items are in your stock with that same SKU, we’ll help you easily review (and avoid!) mistakes made by conflicting SKUs.

Set Auto-Charge Date When Adding Patients

Now when you manually add a patient, you can select the exact date you’d like to charge them each month. Boom. It’s that easy.

NotificationsAutomated CC Expiration Notifications to Patients

If Atlas notices a patient’s payment information is about to expire, or there might be an issue with their payment method for the next billing cycle, we’ll send a friendly reminder to them so they can investigate. Find out what’s in the email here.

Fitness/Vitals Custom Date Ranges

Now you can view reports based on a custom time range you select. Details, details, details!

Multiple Daily Entries for Vitals and Stats

Have a blood pressure re-reading you need to enter for a patient? No problem, now you can add multiple entries per day. Get the details here.

More Than a Million Bucks in Savings. Horn, Tooted.

Saving patients money is a huge part of what Direct Care’s all about. There are all kinds of ways DPC is geared to do it: low monthly subscription fees instead of outrageous insurance premiums, the reassuring mentality that patients only pay for what they need, and last but certainly not least is that DPC offers wholesale prescription prices – something that immediately (and very visibly) helps ease the pressure on bank accounts everywhere.

On that note, Atlas.md is having a really proud moment to the tune of more than a million dollars…

MillionDollarsAtlas.md was created by DPC docs who are literally on the front line of the Direct Care movement. They thought of everything, and their EMR is how they walk the walk. From fully supporting in-house pharmacies so it’s easier to offer wholesale prescriptions to pointing out GoodRx coupons when they’re applicable, Atlas.md helps its docs save their patients money on the regular. But just how much are we talking? This EMR has saved patients who belong to a DPC practice using it upwards of one million dollars.

The best part? That number continues to grow every single day. Just like support for Direct Care.

ACH Is Here and It’s Easier Than Ever To Accept Payments


There’s a new way to accept payments through Atlas, and it’s going to make things even better for you and your patients. We’re excited to announce the launch of Atlas.md’s ACH acceptance.

Here’s the scoop. By now you know that you can accept credit and debit payments. And that’s been great. But ACH is a way for you to accept payments directly from your customers’ bank accounts. If you remember, back in November, we lowered your transaction payments from 2.5% to 2.1%, but this new addition makes it even cheaper to accept payments from your patients.

The cool thing about ACH (besides the convenience) is that the charge per transaction is only going to be 25¢, which is less than the current 2.1% + 30¢ per transaction for credit/debit card payments. While it does take about 7 days for your patients’ funds to go through, this can add a bit more flexibility to your payment acceptance options.

Accept Multiple Types of Payment

ACH acceptance is a win-win: it lets your patients send money directly from their bank, so they have less to worry about, and it allows your clinic to accept payments without paying high transaction fees. And it’s a win-win that includes no learning curve.

To accept ACH payments, just follow some simple instructions:

  • Go to the patient billing page, and then add a new bank account.
  • Enter your patient’s name, account number, and routing number.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message that the bank account has been added and needs to be verified.
  • The customer will get an email with details about the process and a link that they can use to complete the verification.

That’s it! Go ahead and get set up with ACH today or read some more specifics about how ACH works here.

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January 19, 2016

Announcing the Atlas.md EMR Referral Program!


Refer a Friend, Receive a Discount.

Here’s the deal. By now, you know how much we love to share. Whether it’s savings, references or just plain good news, we want to tell you about it. And since us DPC folk tend to think alike we imagine you’re the same way.

Many of you have already told your Direct Care colleagues about the Atlas.md EMR – now we want to say thank you!! Introducing our brand new referral program. Now when you refer someone who signs up for the Atlas.md EMR, we’ll comp you one month toward your own account. In addition, the person you refer will receive a two-month trial period instead of the standard 30 days!

The season of giving might technically be over with, but we’re going to carry our gratitude for your support all the way through 2016.

So, spread the word and save some money! Click here for more details.

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December 16, 2015

What’s New in the Atlas.md EMR?

AtlasBlogImage01-2 (1)

This December we’re giving the gift of convenience – for both you and your patients. New features include the ability to store multiple credit cards per patient, the ability to set custom default appointment duration times, new and easy ways to share patient data, and even a new pharmacy user. Here’s a complete rundown of the new features you’ll find in the EMR:

Manage Multiple Credit Cards Per Patient
Now you can add and manage multiple credit cards in your patient’s billing profile. This means you (and they!) can choose which card to use to make payments inside the EMR and through the Patient Access App. Get the details over here.

Introducing the Patient Sharing Central
Need to share some information but don’t want to send the whole chart? We hear you. Sharing is easier than ever with the new Patient Sharing Hub. Share only the information you need via email, download or print. Learn how here.

New Appointment Duration Options
Now you can customize the duration of your appointments. Appointment lengths default to 30 minutes, but you can increase or decrease by 5 minute increments to fit your clinic’s needs. Read more about that and other calendar setting up dates over here.

New Macro Alert! #Demo
Type #demo to fire the new Demographics Macro and easily enter these details for your patient: name, DOB, cell, email and address. Refresh your memory on all available macros over here.

Patient Enrollment Now Available in Spanish
You probably have your enrollment nicely embedded on your website, right? Well now patients who access that enrollment form have the option to do so in Spanish. All the patient has to do is select “Spanish” on the first page. Way to cater to your patients, you Direct Care guru!

Search by Patient DOB
Now you can find patients by entering their DOB in the Atlas.md EMR search field. This is particularly useful if you have partial data for a patient. So enter their birthday in any format you can imagine, and get on with your day.

Search by NDC in Your Dispense History
We’re thinking of you and your many habits here, which is why you can now search your dispense history by NDC. That’s right, your clinic, your EMR, your way. Freshen up on how to get there.

Introducing the “Pharmacist” User Role!
Are you a clinic who either doesn’t want to, or is unable to run your pharmacy in-house? Do you use a third party pharmacist? Do you wish doing so was easier? Now it is. Read all about user types, their roles and costs over here.

Dedicated Recent Activities Page
Introducing a way to review your clinic’s complete recent activities report! Previously a dashboard widget, now you can search for specific date ranges, modules altered and the author of the changes. You’re in charge, and we know it.

Rx Support for Multiple Locations
The Atlas.md EMR goes the extra mile to make sure you’re doing exactly what you mean to do. So when your patient doesn’t belong to the same location as you, we’ll prompt you to confirm which location’s inventory you want to prescribe or dispense from. Simply follow the brief on-screen instructions, and get on with it.

What’s New in the Atlas.md EMR? Multiple Locations!

What’s New in the Atlas.md EMR? Multiple Locations!

The Atlas.md EMR has always been poised to scale gracefully alongside your practice, but now we’re stepping things up in a big way.

We’re thrilled to announce the newest feature of the EMR, which fully supports multiple practice locations. We’re talking management of multiple offices, several doctors and staff members, and efficient movement of patients as you transition them from one location to another. You probably won’t notice the launch of this new feature unless you’re opening a new location firsthand. But we’ve taken great care to integrate location-based details throughout the entire EMR if it pertains to you.

Some of the biggest perks of this new feature include assigning doctors to a specific location, which automatically assigns their patients to their location as well. Each location has its own specific inventory, so when you dispense for a particular patient, that action will respect the location the patient is assigned to. But don’t worry, you’re not responsible for remembering all this. We’ve set up prompts and reminders so when you take an action that will affect another location, you’ll know exactly what to do.

So dig in, and congratulations on the growth of your practice! All the details are right over here in this help article. >

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October 1, 2015

What’s New in the Atlas.md EMR?

What’s New in the Atlas.md EMR?

In October’s Features Release we’re responding to some of your hottest requests, like additional growth charts and multiple patient subscription options. But we’re also introducing some features that will make communication between you and your patients easier than ever before. And who can forget about the ICD-10 rollout? Well, maybe you, since you don’t have to deal with it…

Multiple Patient Subscription Options – Including Yearly and More!
Now the Atlas.md EMR allows you to manage new kinds of subscriptions for your patients: yearly, quarterly (every 3 months) and semestral (every 6 months). Giving your patients what they want is getting easier and easier. Get the details here.

Updated Labs Pricing
You’ve been talking to us about Quest labs prices, and we listened! We’ve updated the way your practice handles custom quotes provided by Quest to make your life easier in the long run. Read more here. Read more

The Atlas.md EMR is Slashing Transfer Wait Times!

Image for Transfer Time Reduction (1)

You’re all very patient people. Just one of many things we love about the Direct Care community. But when it comes to your hard earned money being transferred to your bank account, we understand that maybe you just don’t want to be patient. Well, now you don’t have to be.

No more waiting seven days to make absolutely sure your money is available for transfer. The wait window is dropping to two days! We really wish we could see your happy dance right now. We’re thrilled to be able to offer you (nearly) instant gratification.

And of course, we’re still doing everything we can to keep your bank fees low, so we have your back just like always. (Like when we reduced credit card transfer fees, for example.)

Now, go start counting down the hours till your next transfer hits your account!

You Have Time, But You Still Need Efficiency.

As a DPC doc, time is on your side. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything in your power to manage it effectively. Tasks like handling off-hours communication, or sending effective and quick email responses can be streamlined to make sure you have time for everything. Here are a few tips to help make sure you have a leg up on your time management instead of the other way around.

Do your patients follow up on their own emails?

If your patients send emails, and then follow up with questions, perhaps there’s more you can do to make your response to them robust and comprehensive. Anticipate their needs, and include more information than they’ve asked for. Go a step above and beyond what they’re expecting. Speak human, not doctor. You went to medical school, not your patients! Use simplified terms, and include links to more in-depth explanation where applicable. Here’s a great resource to make each and every email you send infinitely better, from your word choice, to tone, to the actual content of your message.

Do you send the same email time and time again?

Your patients have lots of questions, and it’s great that you’re available to answer them all. But those questions become repetitive and before long you find yourself typing the same response over and over. Something’s gotta give, right? Use text snippets to reduce the time you spend responding while still maintaining your email’s integrity. Tools like Breevy integrate with your operating system to abbreviate bits of content, and then automatically expand into an entire paragraph. Essentially, it works just like macros in the Atlas.md EMR if you’re familiar. Super handy, quick, and accurate! Read more

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August 4, 2015

What’s New in the Atlas.md EMR?

What’s New in the Atlas.md EMR?

Point-of-Sale Billing Integration

The Atlas.md EMR is adapting to how its customers operate their clinics – one of the many great liberties the Direct Care business model allows us to take! This release, we focused on integrating Point-of-Sale Billing with Subscription-Based Billing, which means clinics can now more easily charge patients at the time of service if they choose. Get the details over here!

Growth Chart Improvements!

Since adding growth charts to the EMR, we’ve improved their functionality by allowing you to add past history information, and print and/or email them. Read more about how to get deeper and more precise analysis from growth charts here.

Improved Fax Layout
We’ve added information to the repeating header and footer on faxes. This means we’re increasing compliance with a few states who have specific (and rather strict!) prescription rules. The information has also been condensed to make it less likely for the prescription to span across multiple pages. Less confusion at the pharmacy is a good thing!

SMS Auto-Responder for Out of Office Time
A friend of the email “away message,” now you can easily set an auto-response SMS message when you’re going to be out of the office. Set the end date for when you’ll be back, and we’ll automatically turn your response off, too. Learn the details here!

Improvements on Current Medications

We now offer the option for users to keep prescribed medications permanently in your patient’s current medications list. Right where you expect them to be.

Subscription Charge Previews

When adding new users to your account, now you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be charged this month with the proration estimate, as well as what your future monthly charges will be with the addition of the new user. Transparency is key, right? Learn more about the charge preview over here.

New Lab Billing Report

Now you can view all your lab charges in one easy view, including a list of all labs ordered in the selected date range specifying the patient involved and the price charged. Learn more here!

Performance Upgrades!
We spent time behind the scenes making the EMR faster, and better. But you should notice some of the changes on your end, too – like how the dashboard loads about nine times faster than it used to! We don’t like waiting; we know you don’t, either.