Posted by: AtlasMD

December 2, 2013 EMR 1.0 Is Live

We’re excited to announce that EMR is open for public sign-up. Thanks to all the doctors who submitted feedback. You helped us create a lean, efficient and effective tool for cash-only medicine.


Of course, no software update would be complete without some new improvements. Check out what else is new with

Improved Sign-Up
We simplified the sign-up page for you by removing clinic address requirements.

New Trial
Even though EMR beta trial closed, we are still offering a free 30-day trial when users first sign up.

Detailed Billing Reports and Stats
As requested, we expanded the Billing > Reports to offer a comprehensive, top-down look at your practice’s financials.


Improved Inventory Sorting and In-App Search
We applied pagination and new ways to sort results on the Inventory page. You’ll also find a search tool right inside that section now. The new design is easier and faster to use, too, especially on touch devices and older desktop computers.