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October 7, 2014

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The Social, Functional, Custom EMR Wishlist.

Dr. Val Jones wants more from her EMR.

She’s looking for social functionality, accountability, ease of use and _personality_. She has high expectations of the docs in her community. She knows that by entering comprehensive notes in the patient’s chart, everyone is better off for it. She can only imagine how useful being able to attach photos to those notes would be. And she definitely sees the benefit in being able to tag notes for easy search and reference later on.

Dr. Val, we hear you. And we felt the same way, which is why we jumped at the chance to create an EMR for Direct Care docs, by Direct Care docs. The EMR stacks up pretty well to Dr. Val’s wish list. Let’s break it down:


Search function? Check. Docs can view notes only related to the symptom, diagnosis, keyword or phrase of their choice – weeding out all the irrelevant notes and bringing front and center the ones that matter.

Photo Uploads

Keeping track of photos sent by patients? Check. Attach files, photos, lab results, and more. If it’s relevant, it belongs with the patient’s chart.

Internal Notes

Docs who use the EMR can make notes on the patient chart, on prescribed medications entries, on calendar appointments, and even on other notes. Open communication is the name of the game.

The EMR does lots of other things we think Dr. Val would appreciate, like integrate emails, Twitter direct messages, and even phone calls right into the patient’s chart. Docs can prescribe medications and even (dare we say it?) bill – all from right inside the app.

The real story here is that Direct Care allows physicians to do what they signed up to do – treat patients. Now, there’s an EMR that not only fosters better patient care, but helps cultivate an environment that benefits both doc and patient.

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