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November 6, 2017


What’s New in Faxing PDF Attachments, That’s What.

We’ve been excited about releasing this feature for a while now, and we know you’ve been looking forward to it, too. Today we get to share the good news that you can now fax PDF chart attachments right from We have big plans for expanding this feature’s reach as time goes on; this is juuust the beginning.

So here’s how it works.

When you upload a PDF to a patient’s chart, you’ll now notice a fax icon over to the right. From there, the process is just like you’re used to.

It’s cost-effective, too.

Faxing costs your practice 7 cents per page. Before you send the fax, you’ll see an estimate of your total, so you’ll know exactly what you’re being charged. Full transparency is the name of the game, so you’ll also find your cost included in your clinic’s next subscription billing cycle, using the credit card you already have on file with Atlas.

Let’s talk about file size.

We know you guys are super efficient, so you probably won’t run into a size problem… but just in case we thought we’d mention it. You can fax pretty much anything, as long as it’s under 20 MB, and under 200 pages. Anything bigger or longer than that won’t go through. If it did, we might feel sorry for the guy on the other end of the fax…

So that’s all there is to it! You can now fax PDF attachments from inside Atlas. Now, go play with the new feature. You know you want to.

3 thoughts on “What’s New in Faxing PDF Attachments, That’s What.

  1. Christine says:

    This is a great addition!! Quick question though. It reads that “you’ll also find the cost included on your next subscription billing cycle, using the credit card you already have on file.” Is that billed to the patient’s card or are we the ones charged? Just wanted to make sure

  2. Atlas MD says:

    Hey Christine! You’re responsible for the charges. The card you have on file to pay your EMR subscription is the one used for the faxing fees.

  3. Kirby says:

    Maybe I’m missing something here…I can create a fax by simply clicking the + button, then fax, then fill out the information, free text content, etc.

    Why is it charging $0.07 per page to fax within the EMR when it already has a fax function, without the PDF attachments?

    Couldn’t you just email the document? Most eFaxes have emails attached to them, no?


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