Posted by: AtlasMD

January 24, 2018

Growing Your Practice? You Set the Pace. Atlas Will Keep Step.

Growth: your reason, your rules, your pace.

You set out on the Direct Care journey for your reason. Maybe you wanted freedom from the limitations of a traditional healthcare environment. Maybe you were tired of having to fudge your billing codes to make a suit somewhere happy. Maybe the stack of paperwork waiting at home for you each night became too overwhelming. Maybe you wanted to live a little while also helping patients. (It’s called a social life!)

Bottom line? You’re in control. You know your patients, you know your community, you know your strengths. You know how fast or slow you want to grow your practice. If full speed ahead is your thing, that’s great; let’s make it happen. But if slow rolling growth is more your love language, that’s great, too. The beauty is that Atlas is perfectly poised to grow with you no matter how fast your strategic plan moves.

There’s nothing traditional about your practice’s growth.

This is where we say the thing nobody else will say. While growth is good, your happiness is better. Protect that happiness at all costs.

Let’s elaborate. Standard advice is to start your business and grow it as fast as you can for a better initial return on your investment, right? The marketing gurus will yell at you to GROW, GROW, GROW! The blogs will show you a million and one ways to do it.

But you don’t have to listen to them.

If you’re feeling pressured by how society says you should build your practice, take a deep breath and remember who’s in control. You. You chose this life because of the freedoms it offered, and if growing too fast too soon threatens to compromise your reasons – take a step back. Enjoy where you are right now, and slowly plan your next move.

Grow at the rate of your passion.

Growth from your first 50 patients to your 200th patient doesn’t need to happen overnight. Don’t hire a new doc or additional support staff until you’re really ready. Don’t open that second location until you’re positive it’s a step you’re fully committed to.

You deserve to love this life you’ve chosen. Your patients deserve the time you’ve set aside to dedicate to them. When you run your practice your way, everyone wins.

Here’s what you need to know.

You’re not in this alone. Yes, it’s your practice, and yes, you’re running it the way you’ve always dreamed. But you have incredibly valuable tools right at your fingertips.

  • The Atlas EMR was built for you and your DPC practice. Its features were created with you in mind, and they expand right alongside you. There’s no “growing into it” or “growing out of it.”
  • The Atlas DPC Curriculum is full of practical advice and tips for how to start and run your practice – your way.
  • Atlas offers Practice Management Consulting free of charge. Our team has been there and we can meet you where you are. Your success means the success of DPC, and we’ll stop at nothing to make that a continuing reality.

Whether or not you have support shouldn’t be keeping you up at night.

If you’re thinking of growing but aren’t sure where to start, we’re here. If you’re growing at a pace you’re not entirely comfortable with, we’re here. And if you want to propel your practice to the next level, we’re here for that, too. At the end of the day, it boils down to one simple equation. Your growth + your speed = your happiness. It’s the outcome you just can’t argue with.