Posted by: Atlas MD

July 26, 2022

What’s New in Company Branch Locations.

Good news – we’ve got another update! This latest one was designed with big clinics with practices in multiple locations in mind.

Usually, all of the companies under an account share the account’s primary location, which means that billing for those companies is assigned to that location too.

But with Company Branch Locations, you can designate a new branch location for different companies under one account.

Once you change the branch location for a company, any new charges or payments by the company will belong to the selected branch location. Any items billed before this change will remain unaltered and still belong to the main company branch.

This feature allows for more precise tracking and control of revenue and payments across different companies and branch locations. Now, when you pull reports such as the Payments Report, the Charges per Location report, and the Billing History Report, any costs and revenue will be clearly organized according to the branch location that processed them.

This also makes it much easier to reconcile payouts and assign billing to different bank accounts and companies based on their location.

If you have any questions about company branch locations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at