Posted by: Atlas MD

April 6, 2023

What’s New in The Patient Hub.

The mission of is, first and foremost, about connecting doctors with patients. While we’ve made huge strides in doing just that with our existing app, we wanted to make this process even more seamless while simultaneously providing patients and doctors with a wealth of new communication, account management, and payment tools.

Today we realize that vision with the release of the Patient Hub. This browser-based web app allows existing patients to quickly and easily create an account designed to interact exclusively with you and your clinic.

To register, simply send any existing patients a login link (or include it on your website, emails, or newsletters) or invite them directly from Each login link is personalized to your clinic and can be found in your account settings.

Once signed in, patients can find all of your clinic’s contact details at a glance, reach out to you at their convenience, update their payment methods, and settle all bills and invoices.

We’ve also put a huge focus on managing appointments. Patients can self-schedule appointments based on your availability and be reminded of any upcoming appointments. This feature is completely optional, and you can enable or disable it easily within the EMR.

The Patient Hub will continue to grow and evolve over time. We’ll constantly be adding new features (and letting you know when we do) to further enhance the patient-doctor relationship and streamline communication.

To learn more about the Patient Hub, check out our doctor-facing and patient-facing support articles.

If you have any questions about the Patient Hub, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at