Posted by: Atlas MD

June 29, 2023

What’s New in Audio Playback Support.

As a doctor, taking notes is incredibly important during your day-to-day. Jotting down thoughts about a diagnosis, writing prescriptions, documenting a patient’s medical history – the list goes on.

While our Notes feature is already pretty comprehensive, today we’re providing another avenue for taking notes and collecting information with Audio Playback Support.

Now, with any synced device, you can send audio files directly into from the Voice Memo app on your phone, from chat apps like WhatsApp and iMessage, or your computer. The feature supports standard audio formats like MP3 and MP4.

You can upload audio files directly to your patient’s chart by heading to the chart, clicking the plus sign in the upper right corner, Add Attachments, then Attach Files. Any uploaded audio files will be playable right from that patient’s chart.

You can also send audio files to through your Files Inbox. Simply send them via the email address, Google Drive, or Dropbox connected to your Files Inbox and they’ll show up in your EMR. You can then assign them to a patient’s chart to better organize and categorize them.

So if an idea occurs to you that you’d like to quickly record, or there’s a longer diagnosis you’d like to dictate and attach to a patient’s chart, you can now do both easily straight from your mobile device.

This is just the first of a few great features we have planned for audio files in If you have any questions about Audio Playback Support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at