Posted by: Atlas MD

July 25, 2023

What’s New in Appointment Statuses.

There are many reasons why a patient might not be able to make an appointment. Maybe they overslept. Maybe they were unlucky and got a flat tire on the way to your clinic. Or maybe they had to pick their kids up from school.

Regardless, missed appointments happen, and keeping track of them always requires an extra bit of admin!

Today we’re rolling out a smarter way of tracking appointments with Appointment Statuses.

Now, you can assign an appointment a status depending on the stage it’s currently in.

Appointments have five possible statuses:

  • Scheduled (which is the default for new entries)
  • Checked In
  • Checked Out
  • Canceled
  • No Show

You can change the status of an appointment directly from your calendar by simply clicking on it, then selecting Change Status.

Once you’ve changed the status, the appointment in your calendar is updated with an icon that indicates its current stage. If an appointment is marked as canceled or a no-show, you’ll have to provide a reason. And once an appointment is marked as canceled, no more reminders will be sent to patients about that appointment.

This feature is completely optional. If you find that this doesn’t suit your workflow and you choose not to use it, nothing in your appointment-making process will change.

But if you do decide to use it, we’re confident that this feature will give you much more control and insights into appointments and allow you to better streamline your schedule.

For more detailed information on how Appointment Statuses work, check out our help article.

And if you have any questions about Appointment Statuses, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at