Posted by: Atlas MD

November 21, 2023

What’s New in AI Macros.

We’ve always placed a big emphasis on using macros to simplify workflows and create better, more comprehensive notes. With AI Macros, we’re enhancing that experience using artificial intelligence.

AI Macros work with and analyze the content of the note you’re writing to perform specific tasks and save loads of time.

Currently, this feature works with two macros:

  • Find Possible ICD-10 Codes searches the content of the note for any possible ICD-10 codes and compiles a list of results in the same note. Once you save the note, any added ICD-10 codes become links that allow you to search across your whole account database for other patients with the same codes.
  • Suggest Differential Diagnoses analyzes the content of the note you’re writing to suggest possible conditions or diagnoses.

To use an AI Macro, simply type “#ai” when working on a note, and’s macro-autocompleter will bring up a list to choose from.

AI Macros not only save valuable time but also help you navigate and analyze medical information more effectively. And while there are currently only two AI Macros available, we’ll be adding more in the future to enhance your workflow even further.

For more information about AI Macros, check out our support article.
And if you have any questions or suggestions about AI Macros, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at